Mindmap Pro


A truly awesome piece of software if you like doing mind maps. Check it out right here. It’s called Mindmap Pro and it’s made by ConceptDraw. Anders introduced me to it just yesterday, and today I tried it out myself. It’s got a pretty neat brainstorm feature, where you set a countdown timer, and then you just type away into an input field until the timer reaches zero. It really boosts your brain activity the minute there’s a count down. Strange but true.

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2 Responses to Mindmap Pro

  1. EN says:

    Sjovt nok skal jeg i gang med mindmaps på mine karakterer i filmmanuskriptet…. vil printe dette ud. Tak.knus

  2. Hannen says:

    I used this tool some years ago and have downloaded it again recently. Must say last version of conceptdraw mindmap is impressive.They have not only added MS Word and Evernote export but added many other options, such as remote presentations via Skype.

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