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Micro-SIM Card

Come on you son of a b*****!! I’ve been waiting for that micro-SIM card for ages — or at least that’s how it feels! The iphone that my friend Sylle gave me last week has just been sitting in my … Continue reading

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Testing my scanner

Today my friend Anders gave me a combined birthday and Christmas present — a Canon scanner/printer. For a long time I’ve been talking about how nice it would be to have a scanner at home, and thanks to Anders, I … Continue reading

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Mac optical drive won’t burn DVD’s

A while back my MacBook Pro was having difficulties reading and burning DVD’s, and I remember thinking to myself: “oh no here we go… another expensive repair coming up!” — but then I fired up Safari and did a google … Continue reading

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events (opdateret)

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Her på det sidste har jeg været plaget af sort uheld. Måske skyldes det, at jeg har lagt en fløjte det forkerte sted i mit hjem, sådan rent Fung Shui-mæssigt du ved… Hvad end årsagen … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes – Intuos4 + Flash

So this is me working. It’s all fun and music :) Still loving my Intuos4 tablet mucho! I composed the music in GarageBand, and it contains the following home-made sounds: Tapping on a sketch book. Glass. Pen on paper. Humming. … Continue reading

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