Why am I still up you might wonder… This whole rendering thing sure takes a LONG time! I am, of course, talking about the animation which is almost finished now. There are a few bugs to fix, and then I’m ready to send them a CD. They’ll have plenty of time to look at it :p Personally I don’t think I’ll EVER listen to O-Zone again! During the editing of the animaiton, I’ve heard it over and over and OVER again, hehe. It’s kind og stuck in my head now… Gotta shake it out somehow. Here’s another screen from the animation:

the ending (with a pair of balls!).

Shit, I’ve got SO many errands tomorrow and I totally regret going to bed at this FUCKED UP hour!

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3 Responses to Hehe

  1. I hope that you are going to post the full-version as soon as possible, cuz it’s fucking hilarious. And if it doesn’t win, Mads and I will go and kick some ass!

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Hey maestro, I’m currently in the proces of rendering the mother fucker. It’s a real bitch when it comes to size. I gotta render a 100% cool quality at first before running it through Compressor, and that’s what takes some time. I hope the raw-file will stay below 2 GB! :o

    Tonight I shall sleep tight knowing that I’ve got two persons who’re willing to kick other peoples asses on my behalf :p I LIKE IT A LOT!

    I will upload the material to my portfolio – along with a written note from my doctor saying, that I’ve suffered servere brain damage from listening too much to O-Zone! ;)

  3. Damn, so that rendering will take a little time.

    And the best remedy for getting an annoying tune out of your head is to replace it…..with another annoying one :P

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