Shit happens

I’m not even sure if I want to share this, but what the hell.

Yesterday I saw a note in my calendar about a party the 29th, so I asked Anders and Andreas if they wanted to come too. We hanged at Anders’ crib before taking a cab to the party (wich was a bit far away). We arrived at the street, spirits were high and the urge to party likewise… BUT, all the houses in the street seemed pretty dark and quiet. So, I grabbed my phone to give my friend Liv a shout (she arranged it together with two other persons). I got her on the phone and asked her where they were at, and that’s how I found out, that the party was actually today! As I spoke with her, I could see that Anders and Andreas looked questioning at me. Anders: “You’re kidding right?!“. I hung up and told them about it. – Christ almighty, what a dork I am!
We walked all the way home, but decided to party at the english pub as an alternative. Jens and Jonas were there, and let me put it this way: it was an awesome alternative! We tried to get the DJ to play TV2, just to see how all the old people would react. And DAMN it was crowded with parents and grand parents in there! The average age that night would probably be somewere near 55 years. It was fun to watch all the old timers pretending to be 25 on the dance floor :p

Afterwards we went to Knuds and bought eachother rounds of beer. I won’t even guess how many I had that night, but sufficient! Enough to make me laugh at jokes that would normally seem repelling to me… Yup, that’s the best way to put it. Not super drunk, but not super sober either. Hehe –> Ah, that reminds me of the Super Soaker. I almost forgot that toy! Oooh the memories from all the water fights won and lost.

I also cut my hair yesterday, wich was truly a test of my patience! I’ve NEVER spend that much time at a hairdresser. EVER! I was determined to get my hair cut though, so the fact that there were 7 people waiting in the line didn’t scare me. Neither did the fact that they were all women :p So, I went in there and sat down on the only chair available. No wonder the others didn’t want to sit there. It was RIGHT next to the person getting a hair cut, so I sat there with my face practically right up in her hair. That was NOT cool…
Anyway, I spent the time texting people, browsing through numerous womens magazines, and last but not least, I listened to the jib jab of all the ladies in there – and MY GOD did they talk! The funniest thing happened, when a woman had her hair dyed blonde. It came out as a greyish blonde though, wich she also pointed out to the hairdresser. Seconds later, all the women began contradicting her, saying stuff like: “Nooo, that’s the most beautiful blonde colour I’ve ever seen!” and “Wauw, you’ve got such strong hair!”. I found it rather amusing to overhear this situation :D Kind of worth the wait.
Like the last time I was in there, I got to wear a “metal helmet” –> this time she folded it into a pirates hat, hehe. There I was, surrounded by women, with a fucked up hat on my head. I think I must’ve looked like some sort of futuristic fashion expert.

Oh and as for the party that is actually TODAY… Had the energy yesterday, but I ain’t got it today :s

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