Update: Afgang06

Oooookay, it’s kind of difficult to write on a daily basis during this project – even though I’d like to do that.

Well, a lot of things are going on at the moment. First of all, we missed the deadline (i wrote about that earlier) which means that we’re even more pressured now than before. Anders B and I had a meeting with Viggo and Poul-Allan Bruun about how to get the much needed assistance, and how to make the postponed deadline. We came down to the solution of dropping the idea of having the content load dynamically from the database and do everything manually :s The “idiot method” as we call it. It’s hard and systematic work, but if that means we’ll get the site done, then that’s the way to do it. I just wish we’d done that from the beginning. Then we could’ve avoided these problems. Well, lesson learned!

We managed to get assistance from Jonas, so now both Anders Ladegaard and him are working on the code for the site. It’s weekend and the sun is shining, but here I am – “trapped” inside the glass facade of the school, forced to work my ass off. Hmm, i guess the harder I work, the more I’ll appreciate summer holliday :p

It’s been SO difficult to gather the information from the graduate students. Surprisingly difficult actually. The fact that the upload-system had some flaws, was probably the biggest reason to all this mess. We tried to get Jørgen to fix the problem, but in the end we simply ran out of time – That’s why we decided to do it the hard way (manually insert every single bit of information from each of the 53 graduate students!).

‘Aaaight, better get back to work. Got some icons for a picture nnavigation I have to make.

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