Thunderbolt and MacBook Pro

These goodies arrived today and I’m super exited to finally get a hardware upgrade. I’m still setting up everything – always takes way longer than expected but I’m getting there. Adobe CS6 + updates are all installed and now I’m setting up Mail accounts, multiple Dropboxes and what have we… So wasted right now. Wasted but happy.

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Super service hos

Jeg havde bøvl med min scooter der ikke kunne starte efter at have stået stille i en længere periode, så jeg søgte på nettet efter nogle der kunne hjælpe mig med at reparere den. Jeg landede på og tog kontakt. Efter en rigtig god samtale hvor jeg virkelig fornemmede Keld’s ekspertise, fik vi aftalt nærmere omkring afhentning af min scooter. Dagen efter blev den hentet og efter weekenden fik jeg den igen – repareret og klar og til en ganske fornuftig pris! Jeg kan klart anbefale KEMEK hvis du har bøvl med scooteren og bor her i Trekantområdet.

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Squarespace “Beanie” Animation

Here’s my variation on the theme “money” for the new Squarespace Commerce contest: a 15 second animation about a beanie shop that takes its business online using the Squarespace platform, and consequently how the first beanie is purchased by a very happy consumer :)

This is the storyboard I made prior to animating.

Here’s a bunch of stills from the animation:

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Goodbye Converse All Star

Yesterday I was at the gym / swim hall, and when I packed my things and got ready to leave, my shoes were gone. Stolen. I was like: “Come on, who steals other peoples shoes for crying out loud!” and slammed my hand onto the bench in frustration (while scaring a couple of nearby kids). Anyways, now I gotta go find myself some new sneakers. Should I get the same as before, or a new style? Quite the dilemma huh?

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Rest in Peace Elvira

This is the last photo I have of my grandmother, taken less than a month ago on the 26th of December 2012. My father is showing her his new smart phone, discussing how young people are constantly using them these days.

Elvira (or “iaia” as we all called her) passed away yesterday evening at 21:45, surrounded by family at the hospital in Calella. My dad texted me yesterday telling me that she was at the hospital and that it wasn’t good, and just this morning he called me with the heartbreaking news. Elvira’s house was the gathering point of all the family, and she was the energetic and hospitable lady of that house. I always felt at home there, and enjoyed listening to the everyday conversations that she had with my father, uncles, aunts and cousins. She always had something to say, and despite her age, she was as lively and curious as can be. She would often play “Sardana” on the radio, filling the living room with joyful melodies, as she sat in her chair reading “El Punt”. Her children would come and go throughout the day, always keeping her company. My grandmother was truly a loved person, and it will not be the same without her, but at least her spirit will live on in the hearts of all of us. Rest in peace iaia.

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