This is me sitting on the front lawn of my childhood home. My little tiger is preparing for a surprise attack from behind the tree. He was a lovely cat.

As a child I always loved to explore secret places and old looking books, boxes or whatever I could find in the attic, the basement or in nature. I was fascinated by the amount of history these things contained, and sometimes I could almost travel in time, just by opening an old book with a scratched cover and torn up pages. Every defect and every flaw is what made these things appeal to me. Objects on which life had taken its toll. The visual manifestation of the passing of time – that’s what fuels my imagination and opens up my mind to new ideas and thoughts. The past is my muse.

My father once told me: “Busca la belleza hijo, porqué es lo único que vale en este jodido mundo!” (Find  beauty my son, because that’s the only thing that matters in this damn world!). To me, beauty consists of those little things that are easy to miss. The details in life that constantly go by unnoticed. They exsist, but most people don’t see them. They might seem uninteresting and small, when in fact they are what makes this world shine: The scent of earth and leaves after a shower of rain. That rusty engine out in the shed. The smell of tar on an old piece of rope. A ray of light sparkling through emerald green glass.

The moment you begin to appreciate the little things in life, that’s when you truly live. That’s when you get inspired to do great things.

Whenever I see a beautiful old tree, I’m drawn towards it with a feeling of respect and awe. I begin to imagine all the events that this particular tree has witnessed, endured and overcome through the ages. The bark might be rough and scarred, like the landscape of a distant planet. The fact that everything in nature is connected, fascinates me – and it will continue to fascinate me, until the day that I become the earth on which I wander.

Curriculum Vitae:

2008 – present: barq (company run by my friend and I)

2003 – 2008: Designskolen Kolding (university/school of design)

2000 – 2003: Faaborg Gymnasium (high school)

1990 – 2000: Vester Skerninge Skole (primary school)

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