Squarespace 6 Dribbble Contest

I spent some time on studying the Squarespace 6 user interface in order to make my entry for the contest, and I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. The concept of replacing the actual text with blocks intrigues me somehow.

A more simple approach — this time just focusing on the number 6 along with a few interface elements. Note: that thin black edge wasn't supposed to be there, but I didn't notice that until now. Oh well...

When a brand spanking new MacBook Pro w. Retina Display is up for grabs, you’d be a fool not to enter a contest — also taken in consideration that it’s on dribbble (one of the coolest sites out there). So, I made these two entries for the contest. They were made using a combo of Illustrator and After Effects, and I’m quite happy with the result and the semi-abstract navigation, due to the fact that I’ve pretty much boiled it all down to blocks. If you’re on dribbble, feel free to swing by and throw some hearts my way ;) here and here. Cheers!

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iPhone 4 (32 GB) sælges

Ikke sim-låst. I rigtig god stand. Fungerer perfekt. Bagsiden er fuldstændig fri for ridser. Der er kun enkelte mikroskopiske prikker. Meget få ridser på fronten. Oplader + USB kabel + Headphones medfølger.

Pris: 3.600 (kan evt. forhandles)

Giv mig et kald på 60 89 77 40 hvis du er interesseret.

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Burhan G — Jeg’ i Live (Instrumental)


Jeg kunne ikke finde en instrumental nogle steder på nettet, så jeg besluttede mig for selv at genskabe nummeret. En god udfordring :) Hvis du benytter udgaven her, så smid venligst lidt credit (barqvideo.com). Takker :)

Download mp3’en lige her.

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Burhane G — Jeg’ i LiDL (barqvideo.com)

YouTube Preview Image

Mere galskab fra barqvideo.com. Denne gang er det gået ud over den kære Burhan G :)

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80’s Instrumental Synth Music

One of my favorite genres of music is the classic 80’s synthesizer sound (you know, the Blade Runner/Beyond The Black Rainbow kind of sound). I’ve spent some time on building a playlist on Spotify, which is a compilation of mostly instrumental synth tracks. Go check it out. When I need my daily fix of synth, I always load up that playlist. If you have any suggestions for artist I can add, please leave a comment and let me know.

I’m not a musician, but recently I’ve played around in Apple Logic Pro to try and see if I could get some 80’s ambience rollin’ myself. Two Synth Sketches were born — the last of which I’m really proud of. I really think it has that retro vibe to it. Please listen to it and let me know what you think:

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