Cleaning + Wrapping

After all the work I’ve been doing these last couple of days, my room has become REALLY dirty and dusty (up until today that is!). I though to myself: Hmm, if I want to continue to live here, I seriously need to clean up this place. I was almost able to make footprints in the dust whenever I walked acros the floor… And I’m sure that with every breath I took, 50% of that air would be dust. That’s pretty uncool, hehe. Okay, I might be exagerating things a bit, but my floor sure was dirty. It WAS dirty, but NOW it’s all shiny and I feel as if a heavy burden has been liftet of my shoulders. I even cleaned up the really difficult places behind my computer. I removed ALL the wires and dusted them off individually. Aaah, it smells fresh in here :)
Tomorrow I’ll do the bathroom – “Chlorine Attack” style!

At school I wrapped up all my presents for Christmas. I can’t wait to put them under the big ‘ol tree :p I found a huge roll of yellowish paper at school, so I decided to use that for the wrapping. The red labels are custom made for the occasion with my logo on it – and of course a link to my web site. Whenever the opportunity for propaganda arrives, you must seize it! :p

I think they look kind of cool together. It’s like a Christmas Present Corporate Identity, hehe. NO, the tube does NOT contain an oversized dildo you God damn perverts!

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