CPH: Tivoli

It was awesome to be guesting the last “episode” of Spam, and I can’t wait to see the show on tuesday :p I arrived at Tivoli around 13:15 and called Chris. He was at the entrance to my left, and I went in to meet him, the camera man and the co-host.


They didn’t have a plan of the locations, so we just strolled around a bit to see if we could get some idéas. We ended up at a Glögg stand :p I got a cup of Glögg and then it was filmed as if I didn’t know they were coming to interview me. It was kind of casual. I talked a little bit about how I made the animaiton and then what style of clothes I would buy for the money.

The second scene we shot was near a big globus filled with snow. This time I was in the background listening to the hosts going through some software on the laptop.

The final scene we shot was the ending of the show, where my video will be shown in its full length. On the phone, Tatiana said something about using the final screen of the video for something. Hmm, I have to check up on that.

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