Halloween at Camilla’s

Party time!

Preparing my costume for Halloween... Looks pretty suspicious, no?

Scary much? Yup!

Wolf Man up close and nasty!

Yesterday, Line and I went over to Camilla’s to celebrate Halloween — yet another tradition we’ve adopted from the Americans :) I was surprised to see so many “goth angels” at the party. The costumes were great though, and people had really put some effort into make-up and clothes. James Bond was even at the party as well as Wolf Man and a pretty dead looking (yet somehow extremely attractive) secretary! I was dressed as a suicide bomber — and we really had a blast! <– yeah, I couldn’t hold it any longer hehe… Suicide bombers have some pretty nifty advantages. Just to name a few, I was able to threaten people to mix drinks for me. Also, I really kickstarted the party, when I fired up some belly dance music on YouTube and showed people how to do things Taliban style! It was awesome :p Well, it was a great Halloween.

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