I love music!

Music for music lovers :) Here’s an exclusive selection of the music I’m currently listening to ;)

Amon Tobin – Slowly

The music of Amon Tobin is a wonderful and crazy mix of jazz, orchestra, movie dialogue and everything else you can imagine!

The track “slowly” (his best composition in my oppinion) begins with an almost noisy soundscape of bells and monster-like effekts. Shortly after these preliminary notes, a jazzy drum and hi-hat creates a lazy atmosphere. The hi-hat breaks to reveal a beautiful clarinet with a tune that merges into the rythm, like two pieces of soft cloth folding into each other. A saxophone plays a few repetitive tones to mark a changing point in the piece. Then, a softer saxophone comes into the picture and supports the drums, this time playing louder beats. Surprisingly a piano strikes through the composition with hasty keystrokes and then disapears only to show up again a few seconds later with the same rushing sensation. The pace continues with repetitions of the previous sections, yet the final part has a more energized feel to it – like a slow build-up to something special. And “special” is exactly the word I’d use to describe the ending of the track. As opposed to the noisy beginning, the track is geniously wrapped with a symbiosis of the clarinet and a few light chords of a guitar / bass.

That’s the best description I can give! But all the adjectives in the world wouldn’t suffice to descibre music. You can only describe music with music.

Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon

Boards of Canada has a distinctive sound. When I listen to it I can’t help but to connect it with sci-fi movies. I guess it has a sort of futuristic ring to it (in a kind of sad way sometimes). “Everything You Do Is A Balloon” is kind of repetitive. Under normal circumstances I find repetitive music kind of annoying, but I have a lot of exceptions. This track is one of them!

Schiller – Sommerregn

It’s dreamy, trance-like and has a certain rush that I couldn’t possibly describe. I’m carried away by the smooth melodic tunes of the artificial instruments – away from work and away from the boundaries of time… It puts me in a relaxing state of mind. 3 minutes and 54 seconds later I return… Calm and refreshed (okay, that sounded like a shampoo commercial!)

I love music, and it loves me :)

Nighty night

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