Lyuba Typeface (Process)

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I want to learn FontLab, so today I began designing my own font (which at the same time is a tribute to my girlfriend). The font is based on my own handwriting.

For you babe :)

Since I’m more comfortable with the Pen Tool in Illustrator, I decided to draw the letters (glyphs) there, and then paste them into FontLab afterwards. That works pretty well. I spent some time prepping my Illustrator document, to make the copy/paste into FontLab as smooth as possible. I found this link during my research.

I’ll post some more “behind the scenes” when I’ve made more letters (glyphs). Stay tuned people :)

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2 Responses to Lyuba Typeface (Process)

  1. Lyuhala says:

    :) Det er mig en ære!!! :-*

  2. majann says:

    Pent!! :) Jeg vil og at nogen skal lage meg en font!! :D

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