The game Minecraft is actually pretty cool. I heard about it through the Danish radio program Harddisken. They talked about how a teacher was experimenting with using the game to teach English. Obviously the students found it very entertaining to play a computer game in school, and consequently got a huge motivational boost — and motivation (along with curiosity) is key to any learning process, and I must say that Minecraft really triggers your curiosity (at least mine it does).

The game i Java, but I really hope they’ll rewrite the code, so it runs more smoothly. The graphics are quite primitive, and it would be cool to see more smooth graphics in the future as well, but apart from this, it’s actually pretty addictive. There’s just something about finding yourself stranded in an unknown location, having to use your imagination to survive. Good stuff. Totally recommendable. If you’re into Cast Away, Indiana Jones or Lost, then Minecraft is for you I’m guessing.

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