New field and new goals :)

It’s SO great! When I went to play ball yesterday, I noticed brand new goals and a marked field to play on :p The game was SO much better for that reason. Now we have an actual area we can play within (instead of runnning half a mile out of the field, hehe). The others were of course also enthusiastic about it.

My legs still felt kind of sore from the last time I played, but even though I played 110%, I didn’t get the cramps this time :s The body sure is a weird motherfucker!

I should bring my camera sometime to take some pics of the action on the field :p

And now to something COMPLETELY different! My new cell phone is Bluetooth compatible, but I don’t have Bluetooth in my PC nor in my Mac. So, I just purchased this little thingy. It’s a USB Bluetooth adaptor, wich will enable me to down- and upload files to and from my cell phone to my Mac or PC. That’s kind of nice. I have som photos on my phone, that I want to post here on my blog. The auction closes in 21 days, so I think I’ll have it in maybe 22-23 days time…

Yesterday, I visited my mom to say goodbye before she leaves for the southern of Spain with a friend (for as long as she wants to stay there!). My grandparents drove me there, and we all had a pretty nice day. The sun shone and I helped my mom store some stuff in the loft, mowed the front lawn and gathered berries with my grandfather.

As for JPD, yesterday Anders and I fixed a lot of things: we tried a method of analysis called “The Thinking Hats” (or something like that), wich was kind of funny actually. Basically what the method does is, that it forces you to think in a specific way. I won’t mention them all, but one of the hats is named “The Yellow Hat” – when worn, you’re only allowed to point out all the positive elements of the given object of analysis. This method will make sure that group memebers “unite” their brains so to speak, to get a more concentrated analysis of whatever it is they’re analysing. Gotta love it…

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