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HALELULJA!! I really got some work done on the layout of my new site. I think I’ve found the typography I’m going to use, and the basic layout is pretty much done. It’s a really simple and clear layout. Why? Because the stuff that I do, is often kind of weird, messy and fucked up. If I were to present it in a chaotic and messy layout, then it would all fall apart (or so I would presume).

“I wish I lived in a tree house, far far above the canopy” :)
…and if you call me a monkey, I’ll smack yo’ ass!

Well, I’d best be going home now. I can’t spend all weekend hangin’ at the school… Oh wait, that’s too late.

Yesterday when we were working on project JPD, I came up with some more sketches on the names they’d chosen from our list. On monday I’ll VECTORIZE them (nice powerful word “vectorize” hehe). I also tried to think conceptual regarding the names, but I think I could be more thorough about it. Well, I’ll see how monday turns out. We’re going to be SUPER busy if they decide they want to carry out the project. Yes, there IS a slight chance that they’ll turn us down. I hope not :s But if they do, I don’t concider it a waste. I did some really cool chicken sketches that can be used elsewhere :p

Whoops, there goes the alarm!! I’m outta here!!

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