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So, I just clicked into the US version of the PayPal site, and noticed a cool card swiper add-on for smart phones. I clicked on the link to get more info, and on the next page I clicked the Watch the demo button. Then a video popped up (so far so good) but it was upside down. But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was, that the video was a 1 minute long handheld recording of an employee at PayPal, being “interviewed” by a co-worker. Here’s a transcript:

Employee 1: So Avedis(?)… What do you like about PayPal?

Employee 2: PayPal, uhm… It’s a really cool company, and I love working here. I think our team is awesome.

Employee 1: What do you think about Norm? (chuckles)

Employee 2: Norm, uhm… What ever Norm says, I go with that.

Employee 1: Me too! (laughs).

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