I had the perfect ending to a perfect weekend last night :) It’s amazing how one single event can have such an impact. I know that I’m being kind of mysterious and secretive right now, but some things are meant to be kept close to the heart and not spilled out. Anyway, that event made me sleep incredibly well and it made today an absolutely wonderful day :D

I woke up 06:30 and went to the gym to work out. It was kind of difficult to get up, give the fact that the wind was blowing fiercely outside my window, but I did it! After about 1½ hours of training, I tried this new protein powder for the first time. Tastes kind of weird, but it helps my muscles rebuild a lot faster, and gives me more strength for the next work out session.

Project JPD is moving forward – slowly but steadily. We continued doing sketches on the two suggestions we narrowed down to after having talked to PAB. It feels good to have a more narrow target now and I think we can come up with some cool variations from the selected sketches :)

I feel kind of busted right now though… Partly because of the training I did today but also because I just came back from a friend of mine who lives a few doors down the hall. We had dinner together, and we cooked a great deal. Combined with beer, that meal has made me REALLY lazy and tired, and I just feel like quietly floating into my bed and sleeeeeep…

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