That sucks :s

Outch, my legs are so killing me right now! Yesterday I finally played some football (3 hours straight). Wonderful as usual, but this time I scored more goals… Even a final goal to close the match *wee*.
But now I’m paying the price of having spaghetti legs. It must look like I shit my pants the way I walk, hehe.

But anyway, I’m at school right now trying to work on a background pattern for the profile section of the Afgang06 web site. I don’t recall ever having worked this hard EVER! It’s INSANE. This is the time when taking some time off really becomes important. Sometimes I get the feeling that I don’t want to do anyting at all, but then I manage to pull myself up to a fairly reasonable level again… and then I continue to work… My current motivation factor is the thought of sitting in the end and browsing a beautiful site that Anders and I designed – and that summer break isn’t far away :p

I hate the way I change when I’m under pressure. I think I become the most selfish person on this planet – blocking out EVERYONE I know, and not doing ANYTHING besides working day and night. I practically feel my “social points” droping day by day because of this demanding project. That sucks :s

I’ll walk home and think of a solution…

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