I was playing around with SymmetryWorks when this shape suddenly appeared. I love how it looks like three individual shapes when, in fact, it’s just one continuous line. I think I just created my first optical illusion here people :) Gotta keep experimenting to see what else is hidden in the world of symmetry and patterns! Fun stuff. Fascinating stuff.

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  1. Tristen says:

    Hello. Love the design. It has a great vintage/old feel. The color is perfect as well. I wondering (and asked this on the ISO50 blog) what plugin are you using to get the ‘featured posts’ with the images on the side bar? I can’t seem to find it, or it won’t work for me. Let me know when you have a shop or when/if I can buy any prints of your work. I think the Symmetry one here would looks great as a simple print. (:

  2. Jokke-svin says:

    I’m glad you like my work Tristen :) The Featured Posts section that I have here is not a plugin. Actually I used a nice add-on for FireFox called Firebug to explore the CSS behind the Featured Posts section on the ISO50 blog. It’s a relatively easy way to see how sites are structured in general — I especially recommend Firebug if you’re new to CSS. I’ll mail you the details later today, so you’ll be able to set up something similar. Cheers.

  3. EN says:

    Genialt! Har vi måske en ny Piet Hein her?

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