Yet another loooong walk

Yesterday at around midnight I went for another walk in the wellbalanced coolness of the summernight. It was like no other night in the sense that I couldn’t really gather my thoughts around anything specific – and I only realised that when the walk was over and I thought to myself: “What the hell did I think about during this walk?!“… absolutely NOTHING! And I suppose that’s one of the points in taking a goo walk. Either you walk to think a lot of things through, or you do it to clear the mind. “Press the reset button” as I’d like to call it :) It’s summertime and I don’t really give a fuck about anything else, than just living in the present – well, I’m TRYING to live in the present, but that’s actually easier said than done. Practice makes perfect.

Brought my iPod, but I didn’t feel like listening to anything but the sounds coming from peoples windows – sounds of television shows, laughter, random conversations and the like… Hmm, the ambience of a city by night can be really interesting. I could walk around and listen and smell and feel it all night (if I didn’t mind sleeping away the following day!).

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