A darker blog?

I’m considering changing my blog theme so that it’ll get a dark background. Having browsed through numerous design blogs and portfolios on the Internet (perhaps one more frequently than others), I’ve come to the conslusion, that images and graphics are simply best viewed on a dark background. It’s just a lot easier on the eyes, and the colors also stand out a lot more. On top of that, I’ve heard that having a darker website is less power consuming, thereby emitting less CO2. So if you see some weird colors on my blog in the future, it’s probably because I’m tweaking the theme. Firebug here I come!

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  1. interesting… I didn’t know that bit of info.
    I’m kind of stuck in the white background, let the content stand out kind of mentality right now… I want to break free. I will try a dark blog or website concept out soon…


  2. Julie Barsøe Nielsen says:

    Ever heard of Blackle? :)

  3. Jokke-svin says:

    @ Infrastruktur — I know what you mean. It’s really difficult to break free from a white background. I’ve just tried switching to a dark background, and it really takes some getting used to seeing your stuff presented like that, but I think I can do it! :)

    @ Julie — I have now! Pretty awesome to look at the stats. It actually saves a lot of power. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nikolai says:

    Hej Jokke.

    Faldt over en side som måske var interessant for dig.
    Håber du har det godt!



  5. Jokke-svin says:

    Hey Niko tak for det! Det er sgu da en mega-fed samling. Der ligger helt sikkert noget inspiration der. Jeg har det ret godt ellers. Hvad render du og laver for tiden?

  6. Scott says:

    Tough call… I used to debate switching over to a lighter scheme but now I have decided to stick with dark simply for the fact that it’s more distinctive, given that most sites have light backgrounds. I am not really convinced which is best to display work. I really like the super minimal european type portfolio sites that everyone has these days (http://tombalchin.co.uk/) and if I were to build a pure portfolio site now, I would probably go with the minimalist approach.

    Also, you have to consider that it depends on the work in question… some things look better on white/grey than dark colors.

    anyways, good luck in your decision and redesign, I am sure whatever you do will look great. oh and I have your posters ready to ship (finally_)..sorry for the delay!

  7. Jokke-svin says:

    @ Scott — Thanks for the input.

    Yeah I guess it depends a lot on the projects that are being displayed. Perhaps it would be an idea to have a “switch to light/dark” function on a site, just to be on the safe side.

    I’m sort of divided in my opinion on those minimal portfolio sites. When they first began to emerge (don’t ask me when) I found them quite refreshing and straight-to-the-point-ish, but today when practially every graphic designer has this kind of site, it’s becoming a bit too monotone for my liking. No doubt it’s a really nice and clean way of displaying projects, but I guess I’m just looking for diversity.

    As for your own site, sometimes I wonder if you actually pick images that go well with the dark background? or if you simply post the images regardless of wheather they look good on the dark background or not.

    Obviously a portfolio site should never dertermine the colors of the content, but every now and then I’ve caught myself thinking: “Oh gee, those images I just posted sure look awkward on this background” and I actually think I changed some images once, just so they’d fit to the site! Don’t tell anyone.

    Well, I’m still not sure if I should switch to dark. Maybe I’ll end up with something inbetween and charcoal-ish.

    I seriously can’t wait to see the posters — I thought you had forgotten all about it, so it was just great to read your comment this morning :) I hope customs wont charge me yet again. For some reason those bastards had to check the Ghostly poster tube.

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