A different kind of ball game

Instead of playing at 17:00 o’clock as usual, I went to another game with a lot of new faces I didn’t know. We played from 19:30 to around 22:30, but even though it wasn’t burning hot in the evening, the match was still tough as hell – I think it was the toughest game I’ve ever played.

I ran like the wind from offence to defence all the time. I guess I’m kind of fit being able to do that, hehe. We played to 20 goals, and when both our teams had scored 19 goals, things started to get tense.

I was in the final attack, running like hell with the ball on the left side of the field. They tried to steal it from me, but I just managed to make a pass to my fellow team player who was fortunately standing right behind the defenders. Goal. KICK ASS! :p There sure aint nothing like winning after having played for so long. Though I must admit that I do prefer just playing to 10 goals… I’m SO busted right now!

Well, watched a movie last night: Office Space –> fucking great stuff if which you’ll probably be able to relate to if you hate your job… Then you should definitely watch it!

Visiting my mother tomorrow and staying there untill monday (24th). Hmm, I actually wanted to go to Slovenia the 24th but… well, that’s another story.

And then I’m going to Spain (2nd – 30th of august). That’ll be nice :) My cousin Adirà want’s me to help him with a tattoo or something. I spoke with him on Messenger yesterday, and he went and got himself a little girlfriend. It’ll be great to see how they’re all doing – especially my dad (whom I miss endlessly).
That’ll be all for now. Gotta wash some clothes and pack my bags so I’m ready for “takeoff” tomorrow ;)

Take care now. Bye bye then.

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