Lidt fra dagens arbejde. Gad vide om man kan læse hvad der står?

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13 Responses to Ambigram

  1. nagfa says:

    nice example of the word and the simple lines do come out well showing the rotational symmetry.

    we design ambigrams..

    salam (peace)

  2. Jokke-svin says:

    nagfa –> Thanks :) Nice examples on your site too. I’m curious – can you read the actual word here?

  3. EN says:

    Ja, det kan godt læses….

  4. Marcus Stade says:

    I think the a is barely legible. I actually liked your previous design better. I don’t particularly like the s-shaped line in the a and r. Also, the overall balance feels off when the two middle characters differ so much in vertical alignment (for lack of a better word).

  5. nagfa says:

    It reads bara?

    We have a differed opinion than Marcus Stade (but it’s just our humble opinion).

    Sometimes, in ambigram designing, due to the compromise between the legibility of two letters, not all letterforms conform to the ‘standard’ font or shape. We thus understand that the ‘s’ – though does make both letters awkward – does not affect the overall readability of the word.

    Another point to note is sometimes the mis-alignment helps in the ‘flow’ or ‘movement’ or ‘fun casual fluidity’ of a design. Of course, a design with a more consistent height and base could give the design more ‘authority’ and thus ‘dignity’.

    Do keep on designing. Looking forward to more from you..

    salam (peace)

  6. Jokke-svin says:

    Marcus –> Thanks dude! That’s exactly the same issue I’ve got with this one: Trying to make an “a” that can also be an “r” when rotated and still keep it legible. It’s quite the challenge.

    As for the alignment: I agree (and I know my friend Anders also agrees) that it’s probably too “bouncy” hehe. I’ll try and drag them to the same baseline…

    Thanks a lot for Le Critique! – even though “It’s not easy to run an isenkramstore, when nobody knows what things are called!” :p

  7. Nikolai Lander says:

    Det ligner balloner. Vel ikke just det som jeres firmaprofil skal signalere?

  8. Jokke-svin says:

    nagfa –> It reads barq ;)

    Your comment on the alignment is really interesting – I’ll be sure to keep that in mind as it’s something we’re most likely to use in our logo. We want to create a stylish yet playful logo with rhythm and a somewhat “organic” flow and mis-alignment might be the way to go to achieve this (partly).

    “Sometimes, in ambigram designing, due to the compromise between the legibility of two letters, not all letter forms conform to the ’standard’ font or shape.”

    That’s true, and that’s what I like about ambigrams – that they’re so playful and ingeniously constructed. Still, when using an ambigram as a logo one MUST take in consideration the readability… Or maybe that’s just me being old school? Either way it’s a balance between artistically crafted letters and the actual legibility of those letters.

    I appreciate your interest :) And don’t worry I’ll keep posting – not necessarily about ambigrams though…

    Salam aleikum


  9. Jokke-svin says:

    Nikolai –> Nej, det er ikke just det som vores firmaprofil skal signalere ;)

  10. Marcus Stade says:

    Haha, love that danish language flick on youtube is just awesome ;oD

  11. Marcus Stade says:

    Damnit, I should write stuff on sunday after a saturday night full of drinking. Point gets across though I hope.

  12. Marcus Stade says:

    Shouldn’t! Damn, I’ll stop now, sorry.

  13. Jokke-svin says:

    Marcus –> Sounds like what you really need is some junk food and a B-flick to cure those hangovers or whatever it is you’re having, haha.

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