Back from Svendborg + Fanø

Heeey people! I’m back from Christmas in Svendborg and a couple of days on Fanø at my grandparents’ place. I had a really nice Christmas with loads of great food, candy and on top of that I even got a few presents, so I’m quite happy :) On Fanø, I just kicked back for a couple of days: played Ludo, watched TV and walked outside. Yesterday it was an increddible morning on Fanø. Everything was covered in frost and illuminated by the cool morning sun. It was absolutely breathtaking! Obviously I just HAD to take my “point-and-shoot” for a walk. Take a look:





This is just a tiny selection of my favorites. I took about 170 photos that day. I tried out the 16:9 format for this series, and it’s crazy how they all look like screen shots from a blockbuster movie the minute you change format from 4:3 to 16:9 hehe. I gotta use that format more often! And it’s amazing how much you can improve your pictures with a little bit of color correction.My camera insisted on capturing everything with a really warm tone, so I had to bring back that “frosty magic” in Photoshop – also to justify the photos and the sensation I had when I pressed the shutter release button. Wauw, I really can’t wait for the next frosty morning, and I would love my girlfriend to be with me then :)

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