Time for presents!


For my 25th year birthday / Christmas, my lovely girlfriend gave me this custom built speaker box. It’s super cool! I can just plug in my iPod, and listen to music on the go. It’s ideal for picknicks, trips to the beach etc. Lots and lots of respect from me to her for this piece of quality craftsmanship! It’s even got a built in amp and internal power supply (battery).


Okay, it might seem a bit strange that I would give my girlfriend a Slack Award after she gives me a custom built speaker box, but I can explain. It’s quite simply an internal joke. Well, sometimes she can be a bit slacky :p Anyway, I had this made at Growhouse (thanks to Michel Riis who works there!). They have a 3D printer, and then you simply send them an illustrator file. That file is converted to a 3D rendition and then printed out in plastic. I primed the plastic and gave it a red color. Then, I cut a piece of acrylic plastic to fit on top of the label in the cavity below the stencilled typography.

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