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Farvel Facebook

Jeg har deaktiveret min Facebook-konto på ubestemt tid. Hvis I vil i kontakt med mig, så er i velkomne til at ringe, sms’e eller maile.

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Guess The Brand

I was just made aware (through a blog that I read pretty much every day) of a quite interesting study about logo simplification — reducing more or less famous logos to nothing but circles. It’s fun trying to guess what … Continue reading

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Just playing around with some shapes from the DesignKolding project. I wanted to see what they looked like all texturized like this. I also tried adding a little glow to the shapes for some of that good ol’ neon action.

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Destination: Unknown

Well, not quite unknown actually. I’m on the island Fanø positioned on the west coast of southern Denmark. Today I walked along the beach with my point and shoot camera, and took various pictures of snow covered sand. The images … Continue reading

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TRIAD 02+03

Even more experiments. This time I tried adding more lines (and of various thickness) to see how that would affect the shape as a whole. I kind of like the “fade out” effect it produces when you keep lowering the … Continue reading

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