I just browsed some old ink and watercolour illustrations I made, and realized that I should try to combine analogue drawing with digital drawing. I don’t think I’ve ever used my Wacom to edit a traditionally drawn illustration. Gotta try it out! :p
Magic happens when the two worlds meet and merge and toss eachother around (same goes for people).

As for the graduation 06 material: Today I sorted out a lot of questions we had regarding print-size, language, programming, photo-shoots etc. That was quite a relief actually :) I feel that we’re ahead of the schedule, and I’m positive that the product will be awesome! Especially the poster –> It’ll be simple and visually well integrated with the rest of the material… The thing that worries me the most right now is colour profiles. I also wonder what comments Jørgen will throw at us when he sees the website.

As for the personal stuff… Ask me!

One word to end the day: “Thoughts

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