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You know those old school telescopes/spyglasses often used at sea? Well, imagine if one took the design and functionality of such a spyglass and turned it into a DSLR! Wouldn’t that just be the most awesome gadget ever? I took the time to sketch out the concept in a little more detail. I imagine this to be a very simple camera with very few but great features. Obviously the optical zoom is very large. Built in memory (30 GB+), so you don’t have to mess around with SD cards. Transfer data via cable or Bluetooth. Feel free to comment and throw in some ideas if you’ve got any.

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  1. joe says:

    hello hello,
    have you ever used one of those spyglass instruments ? yes ? the moving parts help with the focus.
    you will have noticed that you see the image, with your eye.
    this means your eye, and your brain, are doing the sensing, some of the focus, the image stabilization, the inversion of the picture, usw… on an single lens reflex, the reflex mean you can see what the sensor, or film, is going to see when you press the trigger. This is done using a mirror, which normally sends the image to what you call the viewfinder, called the eye piece, through a series of mirrors to get the picture the right way around. this is why the eye piece is usually above the lens: so the sensor can be directly behind it.
    now to the optics. telescopic lens with important magnification need a lot of light, so a big diametre. in real life, they look like this:
    this is only a 600mm lens. not a fishey to massively big, just massively big.
    a bit of research here:
    give a 30mm lens only.
    then all the electronics requires some space, especially the sensor. I know these things can get quite small nowadays (I have a camera in my pocket) but only if it is masse produced. connectors require space, wifi and all as well (just look at the ones you use)
    To start with, write down the functions you want, and try to guess the size it needs.

  2. John says:

    Not to just mention the above, but I’d be inclined to challenge the presumably poor optical quality of the images it would produce.

  3. Du skulle ha været ID’er! Men feeeed gadget!

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