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Concept: Telescope DSLR

You know those old school telescopes/spyglasses often used at sea? Well, imagine if one took the design and functionality of such a spyglass and turned it into a DSLR! Wouldn’t that just be the most awesome gadget ever? I took the … Continue reading

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The Connected Poster (by Barq)

ON SALE: Be sure to get your hands on this unique poster crafted by designers Anders Baden Nielsen and Joaquim Marquès Nielsen from the Danish design studio Barq. Worldwide shipping available. Visit the webshop. So how does it look “in-hand” or … Continue reading

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Connected poster: Mockup

This film poster is a work in progress. Jens and Jonas directed a short movie entitled “Connected“, and hired Anders and I, to create a poster for the movie. I’ll be making the illustration, and Anders “type genius” Nielsen will be … Continue reading

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More bike planning!

So, yesterday I called up EsimeX (Evald) to clear out some questions. I wanted to know why they discontinued production of the foldable Joker-bike. Explanation: they found that the majority of their customers went for the non-foldable version, so why … Continue reading

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