I want this bike! (EsimeX Joker)


Ok I’m seriously concidering buying (and modding) this bike. My current piece-of-shit-bike is dying on me, and I practically use a bike everyday, so it’s important for me to have something decent to move around on. I’ve been a fan of these mini bikes ever since I saw the one my cousin has in Spain. I really like how the handles bend like that and the overall “chill out” look of it. I think it would suit me quite well.

One thing I really don’t understand: why the heck aren’t there more vendors of these “retro-ish” mini bikes. They’re extremely popular, and if there was a bike-shop dedicated to selling this type of bike, that shop would make a LOT of money!

The original blue model isn’t bad, but I think my modded version looks sooo much better. Apparently they only come in blue, so I’ve mailed a guy who does paint jobs asking for a price. I hope for an answer tomorrow. Also, I’d love to get that type of brown saddle instead of that original bulky looking one! (I know, I’m pretty picky).

The Joker bike also comes in a foldable version. That’s the one I’d like to get. That way, I can easily store it in my house, take it on a train or whatever. Pretty darn sweet if you ask me!

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