Dark streets of St. Petersburg

What happened to me in St. Petersburg… A part of me was so deeply touched, that today I still think about it. A lot. They’re mostly just random thoughts that I try to put together. It feels so distant. I remember walking the streets at night all alone. Everything was so dark and cold. I went into black alleys untill the city lights would disappear. Surrounded by night, I just stood there and waited. In the darkest of streets in St. Petersburg. I just waited. It feels like a dream when I think about it. What was I waiting for? We had been warned not to walk around on our own at night, but I wasn’t afraid at all. Actually I felt more at ease standing there in that dark alley than I did walking the main streets… What a weird experience that was. Something happened to me, but I still don’t know what or how or why…

And that’s all I have to say about that… for now.

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  1. Those moments are indeed very special. I think everyone has them sooner or later. Unfortunatly for most, they are not really aware of these moments. The last one I had, was already a very long time ago. I was going by train from Florence to Rome, and it was at night and the train wagon was completly empty. Except me and my girlfriend who had fallen asleep against my shoulder.

    Everytime the train went into a tunnel, the lights would flicker for a while. And at one certain point, for me, they went off for what seemed an eternity. But the strange thing was that it felt as if all of the seats where still lit by it. I swear to god i was completly sober at the time, so it couldn’t be that. But to me it almost felt like a religious experience.

    I think i made about 30 paintings based on that one little moment, and if you would give me a brush, some paint and a canvas, i think i could still make 30 paintings. Very strange indeed, and i don’t really care what it means or where it comes from. It’s a very nice feeling and something which always will inspire me i guess, and thats the most important.

    But enough of the dramatic yip yap, how was your birthday??? I do hope you drank a little beer?

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    Wow, that DOES sound religious! Sometimes the mind plays weird tricks on us I guess, which comes in REALLY handy for inspirational purposes – be it for writing, painting or whatever! Hmm, usually it happens to me when it’s dark, or when there’s some sort of special lighting around me… I never get these “moments” in the daytime. I hope I’m not going mad or something, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, and it also inspires me to think back. Mostly it inspires me to write though… I have to find a way to channel the inspiration of the “moments” to my visual work :p

    My birthday was a quiet one, hehe. Damn, I clean forgot to drink a beer… But I had some Coke (no, not drugs! Coca-Cola).

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