is down!

I like the site. Now it’s down. That sucks. Check out this link for more info.

Update september 18th 2009: The site is now down again with the folowing message upon entering the site: “Maintenance. We will be back as soon as possible, but this will probably be a prolonged downtime. Thank you for your patience” What gives?

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  2. m0unn says:

    Demonoid is one of the biggest torrent sites around. Now fairly peacefully hosted to the west of Russia in Ukraine, the site has previously received unwanted attention from both music and movie companies. So when the site goes offline a lot of people start to think of the worst, especially if there is little or no warning.

    During the next few days, maybe hours, Demonoid may go down due to some serious-sounding technical issues. They have already caused some damage to the site so the operators want to limit further damage.

    “We are experiencing power outages that have caused some ram and hard drive issues. We might have to shut down everything to fix and prevent further damage,” they say in a statement.

    The downtime could be extended, “…days maybe, until we can change the power circuit,” they add.

    Several Demonoid users already report connection issues, but the site is still accessible to most people at the time of writing. The blackout won’t mean much to millions of Russian and Ukrainian BitTorrent users though, since they are already blocked from the site.

    Over the years Demonoid has had its fair share of downtime. In June 2007 Demonoid was pressured to leave their host in the Netherlands, mainly because of legal threats from the Dutch anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. The site then relocated to Canada, but after threats from the CRIA, it decided to shut down there as well.

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