Documentary: STCKHLM*08

Part one:

Part two:

Finally it’s here – uploaded and ready for the public :) I’ve dedicated a lot of time to this production, so I’d really appreciate some feedback on this one. So, feel free to give you two cents by commenting on this post.

A big thanks to Scott Hansen for approving the workshop clip.

And yay! Thanks to WordPress 2.5, I was able to place the YouTube clips right here on my blog. I had problems with that in the previous version.

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6 Responses to Documentary: STCKHLM*08

  1. Marcus Stade says:

    AWESOME video man, really great stuff! I really appreciate you coming over to join us, we had a great time and obviously you had as well ;o)

    I hope to see you guys next time as well! Oh and by the way, the next time might be soon. Grafiskt Forum (part of Flasher By the Sea and co arranger of the ISO50 event) is hosting a poster contest where the first prize is tickets to European Design Conference in Stockholm. Check it out at

  2. Erik Pettersson says:

    I looooove this!
    You are one positive guy :)


  3. Jokke-svin says:

    Marcus Stade –> Hey Mr. Marcus! Thank you so much for the positive feedback – means a lot to me :) Also, thanks for letting me know about the contest. Yeah, we definitely need some more hugs! I’m afraid I can’t attend the contest though – Currently working on the graduation project on my school. SUPER busy, hehe. I hope the contest will be a success :) Take lots o’ pics!

  4. Jokke-svin says:

    Erik –> Hey space-helmet dude! I’m glad you like it :) Sold your car yet? :p

  5. Marcus Stade says:

    Aww, that’s too bad, I would’ve loved to more excellent stuff from you! =)

  6. Simon H says:


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