Fanø Frost

Please watch this video on YouTube in HD for best quality! It takes a while to load depending on your download speed. Just open it up and do something else until it’s fully loaded :) But if you really can’t wait, then check out the low quality version below:

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Now, on to the story…

The 26th of December 2008, I visited my grandparents on Fanø – a tiny island in the southwestern part of Denmark. One morning it was especially freezing outside, and virtually everything was covered in beautiful ice crystals. I just HAD to capture it all, so I grabbed my Sony N1 point-and-shoot camera, and went outside on a journey through the breathtaking winter landscape. When I came back my fingers were almost completely numb, but it was worth it.

I shot everything in 16:4 wide screen format, which gives the images a sort of “movie-like” feel. I can definitely recommend experimenting with this format. It’s a nice change if you’ve been shooting 4:3 for too long.

Straight out of the camera the photos were too “warm”, so I did some little color correction in Photoshop to bring back that cold and slightly desolate atmosphere.

I made the slide show in After Effects. It’s got this very handy feature called Sequence Layers which basically arranges all the images that you’ve selected in your comp, and places them underneath each other. You can specify a certain amount of overlap and a simple cross-fade. On top of that, I added some film grain to the entire comp, to make the images less static and more vivid. You’ll be able to see the grain if you watch the HD version of the video ;)

The typeface I’m using for the intro / credits is none other than Trade Gothic.

Tycho (aka. Scott Hansen) was kind enough to let me use the track “Adrift” to accompany the slide show. In my opinion Adrift is one of the best tracks he’s ever done. It’s got that distant and melancholic feel to it that I love so much. Check out his site! It’s a great source to new music and of course great graphic design.

I’ve also made a version of the slideshow for the local TV station on Fanø (TV Fanø) which they agreed to broadcast. That version is 6 minutes long (the entire length of the track Adrift) and contains more photos than the YouTube version.

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8 Responses to Fanø Frost

  1. Thien says:

    Lækkert arbejde!

  2. Jokke-svin says:

    Thien –> Takker! Hey, fandt I ud af noget med Michel/Growhouse og 3D print forresten? Jeg er lidt nysgerrig.

  3. Melvin says:

    That must have been a beautiful day!
    the picture in 2:40 has an amazing sky and the picture on 1:15 is my personal favourite, would love to have that one as wallpaper :P

    for the order of those frosted grass pictures i would have arranged them differently to get kind of a zooming effect from far off to really close. You probably had your own reasons for those. Anyway great video!

  4. Jokke-svin says:

    Melvin –> It was a perfect day on a perfect location with very few people. At some point it felt like I was walking on the face of another planet. It was kind of dreamy.

    You must be referring to the grass at 01:00 and 01:05? Actually, the last one is not grass, but frost on top of a pole hehe. But yeah, I guess I could’ve worked with some sort of illusion of zoom here. I honestly didn’t go into great detail with the order of the photos, but I did place the thermometer at first to show just how cold it was hehe.

    I mailed you the photo btw.

  5. Melvin says:

    thanks for the photo! :) everything is frozen man even in the netherlands.


  6. Andreas says:

    Absolutely beautiful video man. So in Denmark its exactly the same weather as in Holland.

  7. I take my hat off! Great video. Photos and music goes well together. Totals and close ups in a good mix. I too get the feeling that it is somewhere else in the world than Denmark.

  8. Jokke-svin says:

    Thanks you guys :)

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