Football & Eternal Sunshine :)

Hey hey heeeeeey to all y’all. What a phantastic day this has been (yes, with “ph”) :D And I’m STILL in a very very good mood. I won’t tell you why, but it has soooomething to do with a reply I got from a certain person, whom i sent a little video (the one i mentioned in a previous article). That just made me smile – a smile I carried with me all the way home, and a smile that I’ll probably have tomorrow aswell :) What might seem to be a minor detail, can in fact affect your mood a great deal (at least MY mood).

And now for todays ballgame:
It was really awesome. We played from 17:00 to 20:00 and my team won two of the three matches we played (it was kind of a close call in the end though). I ran smack into Emil, as we both tried to get the ball. Damn, that was like being hit by a freakin’ piece of wood right in the kidney and my right shoulder :s Well, I recovered and continued… So did he! :)

These photos are low quality because I’ve grabbed from the videos I recorded while playing. Well, I hope you can make out whats going on!

Just passed the ball… Kind of gambling with my camera at the time, but no harm done (fortunately!)

I sealed the deal with the final goal before we went home :) Good feeling!

Oh yeah, for some reason the new goals that were there the last time, had been removed :s Kind of sad, but at least there ARE some goals to play on! They probably brought in the new goals for a quick tournament or something…

As for JPD, things are still moving forward in a steady pace. At some points today, I didn’t feel like I was doing a whole lot – contributing to the group work, but then I started picking out the photos for the mood board that we’re going to create with the people from JPD. It took some time, but I think I’ve pointed out 15-20 good photos that we can use from each category.

Also, we came up with a rather spontanious name for our group: “Where’s the fridge?!” – and I began sketching out some proposals for the group logo. It’s going to be weird I think. But weird is good :)
Hmm, how many smileys did I just write in this article? :) Not to few, that’s for damn sure :D

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