22:22 is the magic number! Is it a coincidence that I constantly see that number? I’m beginning to think that it isn’t… Scary shit really. Well, enough ’bout dat!

I haven’t written for some days now, I know –> Slap me with a tuna fish and call me Judy (or some other suitable form of punishment, for me not posting new articles, hehe). The thing is, some days I have more motivation for writing than others. It’s like that, and there ‘aint nothin’ y’all can do to change dat. I kid you not…

Well, where to begin… Hmm, friday was MyDay in the sense that I really enjoyed the day. Everything went really well. An overall relaxed atmosphere in the school. We did the final preperations for the meeting on monday with the leaders of Jyllandsposten Distribution A/S. I think it’s going “smooth like a shaved and polished polish hooker” (to use a “Tabakkian” expression (okay, I think only the people in our group would understand that joke!)).

We all went to Café Lucca afterwards to have some lunch and a beer or two… or three… :) Really awesome weather. Actually, it was my first time visiting Lucca… Too bad I know! It won’t be the last time though. What a perfect place for sitting outside and watching the people passing by… The funny people :p Damn we’ve got a lot of originals in this city (including myself?).
Well, bottom line is, we had a great time there – Sparks flew. Emotions ran high *lol*. I think we stayed there from 12:00 to around 15:30 or something.

If I were to put a title on today, it would be something like “Day of Planning”. I went over to Anders to talk some things through regarding our last years in the school, and how we can plan them most effectively. We made a schedule of what to do, wich was a really good feeling. Now I feel like I have a better overview of the following year and how the different projects are positioned.

Hmm, I guess that’s that :)

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