Package from Spain

I just picked up a package at the post office from my dad. He send me some wonderful music: Neil Young – Harvest and a compilation that him and Anna made for me containing various great hits. I just opened the package, and as I’m writing these lines, I’m listening to Neil Young – Heart of Gold. It’s SO good!

Everytime I listen to Neil Young, I imagine my how my father must’ve been like as a young man, hehe. A true hippie I’m sure!

He also sent me a copy of “El Jueves – La revista que sale los miércoles” :p It’s a monthly cartoony magazine, which is very popular amongst the youngsters in Spain. It’s very bold and straightforward in it’s jokes. and nothing is sacred to the team behind the magazine so they attack pretty much anything and everybody with their satirical sence of humor. Some of it is pure genious :D

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