Back in town

For the first time in MONTHS, I finally decided to break the “evil circle” of me not going out – which I’m SO glad that I did! I don’t know exactly WHY, but up until yesterday I haven’t really felt like going out… Well, that’s about to change now :D

Anders, Jens, Jonas and I went to Knud’s after having chilled a bit at Anders’ place. It was kind of crowded, but the seats in the back weren’t taken – hmm, I wonder why. It’s such a good place to sit: right next to the toilets and isolated from the rest of the room, hehe. Well, we slowly worked our way up through the tables and got some pretty central seats, hehe. Not that it’s the most important thing in the world to have good seats, but it’s nice to have a good view (if ya’ know what I mean!).


We stayed there until they closed, and then everybody moved to Pitstop :p I was totally motivated for going, as it’d been AGES since the last time I danced.

Music was cool to begin with – Tracks from JT’s new album :p That was absolutely perfect! Jonas and I switched between two girls on the floor, and they really had COMPLETELY different dance-styles… The girl I danced with at first really had some potential in her moves, but she didn’t completely let go. I sensed that she was a little shy. The other girl was… hmm, how to put this… well, she sucked. During a fast beat track, she kept telling me to move slooooowly. So, I quickly said to Jonas: “Let’s switch back okay!”.

Did a little arm wrestle with Jens (and won). Maybe that’s why he looks a bit sad, hehe.
Me and some dude at the “VIP-area” on stage. I may look mad, but I wasn’t!

Later I went to the porno bar. I ordered a White Russians for Jonas and myself, and then we sat down to get the “vibes” from people around us. That White Russian was just what I needed at the time. Cold and delicious! That was the ultimate drink I had that night.

It was around 04:30 when we went home, but nobody gets to go ALL the way home before eating some junk food :p Well, for once I’m proud to say that I didn’t eat a slice. This time we all got sandwiches at Taste It *yummy*. I liked it!

We had fuuuun, let’s do it agaaaain! DO IT!

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