Shopping spree!

OH MY GOD! I don’t think I’ve ever bought so many clothes on ONE day. I finally decided to use the 2000 DKK gift certificate at the mall today – that’s why! Hehe. I’m glad I chose Z-UP – they really have some stylish stuff, and the stuff I found was no exception :p I got myself a suit: blazer and pants (Bertoni), a black shirt (nice fit!), a pair of Italian pointy shoes (first time I’ve ever worn that type of shoe), three t-shirts and a super nice vest (Justin style, just the way we like it!).

To my luck, they had – 40% sale on a lot of their stuff, so I think I got around three times as much for the money today, than if I had shopped there before Christmas! Nice!

Well, I’ll put up some pics soon and update this post with some more details.

OH BEHAVE! :D HAHAHAAA! (shopping rush).

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3 Responses to Shopping spree!

  1. majann says:

    Good to know that the shoppin rush can hit just as hard at the boys!!! haha….no point in behaving! Shopping’s FUN!!!! :)

  2. JoKKe-svin says:

    The good thing about THIS shopping spree was that it barely cost me anything :D

  3. majann says:

    and…..that’s NOT fair….but hey, you’ve earned it!! :)

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