Scan draw scan draw scan…

Oooookay all you motherfuckers! Don’t you just loooove to wake up shit-early in the morning, to the sound of some lame ass freak stereo, playing God damn GONGADAGONG up your tight bonghole stereotype kind of music?! HUH?! No seriously, I’m just asking… ‘Cause THAT’S what happened this morning, right here in my bitch-ass-flat-fool!

That’s one way of putting it (with a LOT of filthy words). It kind of made me feel better to throw it out like that :p Heck, I know you can take it – if not, you’re just a weak freak with no real deal goin’ for ya’… In others words: You can eat my shiny metal ass! (oh, and that goes for you too Bender!).

So, I’ll leave the world of unpleasant words for now (only to return later, enriched with an arsenal of even MORE naaasty words out of my bulging vocabulary entitled “The Most Nasty And Foul Words In The Known Universe!“):

And if you don’t believe I published this book, just take a look here on this screenshot I took of!

Yesterday I wrote a letter for my grandmothers birthday on monday. I made this drawing for her:

It’s Richard Ragnvald –> a guy who sings “Kære lille mormor” (don’t like the shit, but old people totally dig it!). I thinks she’ll find the drawing kind of amusing… Check out the real deal!

JPD: We have a meeting tomorrow, so I cleaned up our workspace today to make it nice and shiny.

Quicksilver is a really awesome app. for Mac. I installed it today, and I’m already in loooove. It’s soomething I’ll use EVERY time I launch an application. It’s SO much faster! If you have a Mac – INSTALL IT! (and I mean that!).

As for my creativity, I scanned a whole bunch of sketches today. Some of them I uploaded to Here they are:
– Here’s one of them
And another one
Yet another one
And this is also one of them
Oh, and this one too

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