Funny Tutorials: The Goal

In May 2006 I got the idea for a concept, which I’ve been working on ever since. The idea is basically to make a series of “tutorials”, explaining in a fun way, how to do all sorts of weird stuff, like for instance: “How to destroy your frying pan and not feel sad about it“, “How to draw childishly” and “How to write a letter if you’re blind” just to name a few of the 29 already made tutorials. They’re in Danish, so unless Google comes up with an insane algorithm that translates text embedded in images, you’ll have to appreciate the tutorials for their visual appeal only. Sorry world.

I’ve thought about changing the name from Tutorial to Guide, which is more of a Danish word than the word Tutorial. Also it’s shorter, and I like short words!

My goal is to create no less than 100 of these “tutorials”, and as you can see in the graphics above, I’m sort of getting there… slowly (considering that I began this adventure in mid 2006). I have a lot of ideas for new ones, but stuff takes time. It’s a hobby thing, so I’m not rushing it in any way. When I reach 100, I’ll then spend some time gathering all the tutorials and give them a general “overhaul” to perfect the details before contacting a major publisher. They would sure make for an awesome book…

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