Joe Biden vs. Sarah Palin

I just watched the debate on CNN, and I must say that it was yet another confirmation to me, that Sarah Palin is definitely not ready to be VP – or worse, the actual president of the United States of America. God forbid that this “talking condensed brochure” (as quoted from one commenter on the CNN blog) become VP!

With that out of the way,let me move on.

Joe Biden has been overlooked a lot in the days up until this debate, so by watching him tonight, I got a first hand impression of the man – and it was an overwhelmingly positive impression. Not only was he able to be very concrete in his answers, he also seemed like a steady and trustworthy character. There is a certain congruency about him that I find extremely appealing – not like Sarah Palin, who seemed to be reading off a teleprompter all the time, and trying to win sympathy by saying “darn” and other folksy language (if you’re from down south I guess) and constantly telling us about her darn family and how she’s so darn down to earth and darn darn darn…. OK, WE GET PALIN! You’re a hockey mom!

Let me finish this in a positive tone: Vote Obama Biden – even if it sounds like a synonym for shin dig! Democrats will bring change to the republican government. Voting for McCain Palin (which sounds like a painful torture instrument) will only bring you more of the same… How does 4 more years of Bush sound to you? Or 8?

Ok, I wanted to end this in a positive tone, but that’s so difficult to do when talking about McHamster and his Hockey Mom sidekick.

Obama’08 – you know it’s the right thing to do. Never before has an election been this important. For your country, internationally and to the world as a whole. Make the right decision people…

Cheers from Denmark!

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