New theme almost done!

In between my other projects, I’ve been working on a layout for the new blog theme. For a long time I wanted to combine my blog with my portfolio, and this time I think I’ve come up with a good way of realizing this. It took a lot of thinking to get this new layout done, which I hope shines through in the result. I might uploadsome teasers tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. Leigh says:

    This is probably so random for you..i dont have a you tube account so i thought i would just send you a comment on your ive watched alot of your videos and think that they are amazing. i love “Lub and the sun”. its Beautiful. i think it shows LOVE and what LOVE looks like if love were to have a look and not a feeling. i know wierd but thats just my and the video of you and your friend going to Scott hansens Workshop. oh jelous was i?!!lol. im a HUGE fan of Tycho and iso50, unfortunatly i missed his show in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and his appearances in The united states are rare which is odd because he lives in SF. anyway i just thought alot of your videos were very captivating and show a personal side which is nice. very oh man im just rambling. haha. anyway i just thought i would drop by and say your videos (and taste in music….TYCHO) are pretty

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