My new theme (coder needed!)

Download the un-cropped files here!

I’ve added some slight vignetting to the screen shots for this occasion only. I’ve chosen to go with a grey/red color scheme this time – really neutral in respect of the content. This is because my portfolio will be a part of my blog, and I want to be able to show my projects without eny disturbing elements around them (well, that also goes for my blog posts).

So right now, I just need a coder to do all the CSS / XHTML to make this layout functional. This is a shout out to all you guys out there, who might know a coder who could help me realize this.

Theme requirements:

  • Valid CSS and XHTML code
  • Must support all major browsers (must behave in the same way across browsers)
  • Must support WordPress Widgets (be widget ready)
  • I want the CSS to be nicely done with logical naming of the styles, to make it easier for me to tweak it afterwards (if necessary)
  • I only want to run one installation of WordPress

Coder requirements:

  • Experienced WordPress coder (but if you believe that you can do this, without knowing WordPress, then feel free to contact me also)
  • Structured and organized

So that’s pretty much it. I really hope there’s someone out there who can help me with this. Contact me for information regarding the economy on this project.

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7 Responses to My new theme (coder needed!)

  1. Jokke-svin says:

    Wow thanks a bunch Mathias! I think that’s just what I was looking for. I’ve contacted them, and hope to get a reply soon. I can’t wait to have my new theme up and running :)

  2. Mathias says:

    cool, I just used to implement a quite advanced webshop design. And they did perfectly!…

  3. Jokke-svin says:

    Hmm, I just contacted them as well. A bit more expensive, but I’d like to hear what they have to say about the project. Thanks for these two great and highly relevant links :)

  4. Hey man,

    Exactly the kind of people we could use for our web work in Barq :)

  5. Jokke-svin says:

    Anders –> Totally! As long as there wont be any issues regarding copyright and stuff like that.

  6. Mathias says:

    when is the barq website online?..hehe

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