Lazy EsimeX and RAL:8022

So Monday I called Evald again to hear what he had to say about the bike I wanna buy from him. He told me that he needed to ask the painters about the RAL code before he could give me a final prize. The painters were on some sort of course yesterday, so he told me that he might not be able to get in touch with them until today (Wednesday). So here we are, it’s Wednesday and I still haven’t heard from him which kind of sucks. I just mailed him and if I don’t get a reply tomorrow at 12, I’ll call him. I must say, service at EsimeX isn’t as snappy as I had expected it to be. It kinda takes some of the joy away from purchasing that bike, but I’m keeping my hopes up for tomorrow!

Oh and today I was down at Jem & Fix to check out their RAL color chart to see what the RAL colors really look like, instead of previewing them on my Mac with the inaccurate calibration and all that jazz. I’ve decided to go with dark brown instead of the off white / cream color. My girlfriend made me realize that it was just to “granny” for a bike like that. So, it shall be dark brown! (that also matches the saddle and handles better!).

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