Night time

It was late when I went to bed last night. After having slept for a good couple of hours, I woke up to find my face bathed in the light of the moon, which had found its way through a small crack of the aluminum blinds. I had a sensation – of what, I still don’t know… but it felt really strange to wake up with the moon looking at me through this tiny opening. The light was white and sharp, and it looked like a blade the way it had cast a long ray from the window and over the floor to my face. I fell asleep again… confident that the moon was watching over me that night.

Today I just had to go outside and down to the lakes and the forest. I tried a different route. It was a bit late when I got out on my bicycle, but the cold evening air and the dark blue sky was just what I needed. It was perfect and I didn’t rush at all, even though it was freezing. Then, I stopped to watch the crows…

They were performing a gloomy spectacle just for me, dancing acros the sky in what seemed to be coordinated routes, yet so chaotic. They moved like a whole, but fought individually… I was bound.

Everytime I see a lake, I want to be in the middle of it…

Everytime I see a tree, I feel like climbing to the top…

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