Olly Moss and Spacesick


The Deer Hunter

Yet another very very talented graphic designer on Flickr. Actually Spacesick was inspired by these poster remakes by Olly Moss, and who can blaim him! This Deer Hunter remake says it all… Jump into his stream and prepare to be blown away. This is the shit!

WarGames Redux

I love that torn cover up there (link), so I wrote Spacesick (Mitch Ansara) asking him how he made this effect. These covers are all fictional by the way. They’re not actual printed covers. I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I found out. It’s all so authentic and the concept that this guy comes up with for each movie, are nothing less than genius. Anyway, this is a part of what he replied to me on Flickr:

[…] Well let’s see… one edge of that rip was made from a scanned piece of torn printer paper, and the other edge is the same tear squished and painted a bit to look slightly different. I TRIED making it look a little more natural than a straight-on single tear. So yeah! Working with a scanned in piece of ripped paper is definitely the way I’d start! I hope that helped you a little. I’d like to make a more detailed video later on, so I hope you come back and check that out. […]

I got this

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