Packing for a month in Spain

…is really difficult actually, but I think I’ve managed not to throw too much shit in the suitcase. I really don’t enjoy travelling with 5 tons on luggage if you know what I mean.

Well, I’ll bring my Mac and Wacom – turns out my cousin Adrià wants a tattoo for which he needs my assistance, so I’ll need my creative “gear” in order to help him out. I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody down there again, and I hope I’ll have a great vacation.

It’ll be the first time I take the train from Barcelona to Malgrat, but it shouldn’t be difficult. I watched some TVE (“E” for “España”) to get more into the language before going there, and I also bought a small book of spanish grammar – I do actually have spanish grammar, but it’s not pocket size like the one I bought yesterday. Anyway, it’s just for emergency. I’m still not that great with the whole past tense stuff… but it’ll come to me eventually I’m sure.

As for updating this blog, I’ll probably do like I always do: write the diary on my laptop and upload it when the vacation is over… sorry ’bout that ;) But I think I’ll do the travel diary in english this time (or a combination)…

Tomorrow I’ll be on the 10:48 train from Kolding to Kastrup Airport. My plane takes off at 16:00.

Gotta sleep now :)

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