Poster printed today!!

Today we finally went to Prinfo to see the actual offset printing of the poster we designed for Graduation 06. It was SO cool to watch something I made run through such a huge machine… 2000 samples!! I felt really proud and privileged that I got the chance to do that. My very first “trykstart” (I wonder what that’s called in english).

There was a guy who controlled the colour-output of the poster. He was able to adjust and tweak the colours if we i.e. wanted the poster to be slightly more desaturated. We ended up telling him to put a bit more overall colour on the poster. That was a wise call – now the poster has more contrast. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall :p

This is me in front of the print sheet…

We got to bring 6 posters back to school… They’re currently drying in my drawer, and tomorrow (or perhaps even tonight) I’ll cut them out and roll them up in a tube for safekeeping. One for me, one for my mom and one for… hmm, selling?

Today was really fruitful in terms of efficiency. Anders tested some masking software which proved to be quite the time saver. I placed the photos of the students onto the format the way they’re supposed to be represented on the website. We’re also going to print some post cards with the same layout as the profiles on the website, so we’re working in 300 dpi. That means a lot of different exporting in the end, but maybe we’ll find some way to batch it even though all the images are located in the same psd-file…

We also got Jørgen Skogmo to build the upload system this sunday, and it will hopefully be finished the same day. It’ll be really user friendly I’m sure!

Still have to get the last two girls from Illustration to the photo-session *damn*. I’ll write them tomorrow and tell them that there might be an opportunity on monday.

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